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“Don’t let this be your house!”

“Don’t let this be your house!”

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"Your Time Matters to Us"

Teal Wall Paint

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House Washing

Roof Washing

Concrete Cleaning

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House Roof
Home Owner Pressure Washing His  Driveway

Dirt, mold and Algae?

Black marks, moss?

Vehicle and foot traffic, stains?

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Let us remove the pests at the roots with our patented soft wash service and make your home or building look like new!

Science instead of pressure = no damage

Teal Wall Paint

Gutter Cleaning

New soffit,gutters,vinyl siding

Dirt, mold, algae, clogged with leaves?

We can clean out your gutters and or just clean the exterior with our patented restoration formula and they’ll look like new!

More Services

Deck Wash n’ Restore

Window Cleaning

Walkout deck with attached pergola
Window Cleaning

Weathered and discolored?

Dirt and grime blocking your view?

Soft wash available or complete restoration and bring back that original luster

We can do fences too!

Don’t need a whole house wash? We can do just windows with our spot free clean!

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At Rapid Restore we use science as the leverage for getting fast and efficient results. Using proper cleaning products and techniques is not exactly rocket science, BUT there is a science to it. We pride ourselves on the ability to save our clients time and energy. Your home or building’s exterior are major assets and should be protected properly to extend their life.

Jennifer Bulkley, Owner

"After working 15 years in the cleaning industry, the biggest thing I've learned is saving my clients time and energy while protecting their assets is my number one passion!"

Teal Wall Paint

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You work hard for what you have, so if your tired of looking at black streaks on your roof or green algae covering you siding and gutters then celebrate your hard work and treat yourself with a clean exterior. A good look doesn’t end at the flower beds or mowed lawn.

Most manufacturers will void their warranty if a pressure-washer is used to clean the roof. Other materials, such as slate and tile, aren’t as vulnerable to pressure damage, but can’t be walked on – our process doesn’t require us to walk on the roof – pressure washing does!

Cleaning your roof, siding, deck, or fence can dramatically increase its lifespan. The algae and fungus that ​grow on your home’s surfaces not only look ugly, they’re actually EATING your house!

Let’s not forget curb appeal if your looking to sell your home or building!

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